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Overcoming Low Self Esteem Melanie Fennell Pdf Download truolim




Department of Nutrition in the Dietetics Division of the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. From Nursing Perspectives 2010; 6: 288--298  Melanie Fennell ***Disclosure of Interest:*** The author has no financial interest to disclose. In this issue of Nursing Perspectives, Quill, Kestler, and Fennell each contribute a review of a recent self-help course. As you will read, each article gives information regarding self-help strategies to reduce the impact of low self-esteem on quality of life. In her recent article, Kestler discusses the following: the need for well-designed self-help courses; the application of appropriate theories, such as functional analytic and cognitive theory, to self-help courses; the need to evaluate course effectiveness; and the use of assessments to guide course development and evaluation. She concludes by describing her own work in this area. We would like to thank Melanie Fennell for her work and for contributing her paper on self-esteem and self-help course evaluation. Quill provides an overview of the literature regarding self-help for eating disorders and, specifically, Bulimia Nervosa (BN), reviewing the conceptualization of BN and its development. She also offers a brief summary of early BN treatment options. Kestler, referring to Fennell, outlines and discusses five stages of self-help courses, including: (1) assimilation, (2) completion, (3) revision, (4) evaluation, and (5) maintenance. She concludes with an outline of future directions. Fennell presents the findings of a study that explored how participants' perceptions of the suitability of their self-help course materials impacted course completion. Fennell also presents the "Brizzle Assessment" and provides recommendations for future practice. Self-help courses for those with low self-esteem are of increasing importance in our profession. It is not surprising that as health professionals we often encounter clients with low self-esteem. We may have personal experience with someone in our family who has struggled with low self-esteem; we may also recognize the symptoms in ourselves. Fennell, in her article, describes the relationship between low self-esteem and other health-related conditions. In her article, she reviews the literature regarding the impact of low self-esteem on health-




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Overcoming Low Self Esteem Melanie Fennell Pdf Download truolim

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