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Eco Art Therapy in Practice

by Amanda Adlers Pike, PhD

I have reviewed many books on the market on ecopsychology and eco art therapy. I love it when the book is written in a way that closely connect me to the actual  practice. This book by Dr. Amanda Alders Pike is by far the most applicable to art therapists. This book contains many interventions based on the Expressive Therapies Continuum. Abundant is the useful structures for groups and individual therapy settings. Another perk to this book is that it is a thin volume.  She gets to the point and send you on your way to practice. 

This page contains affiliate links to books, art materials, tools, and products I find helpful. All links will direct you to the online store where you can find the products and reviews. I recommend them for their ease to use, value, and quality. They have improved my quality of life and professional practice. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out a special offer at the bottom of the page for Remarkable 2 tablet. 


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This Microphone. In the era of Telehealth and online teaching, I have found this microphone greatly improved my teaching and online meeting experience. It had allowed me to hear myself clearly through the headphone jack behind it. I can speak softly while deliver crisp sounds. It's as good as they come for everyday use and is up to par for podcast creators. 

Eco-Art Therapy include nature as theme, environment, and materials. These dry flowers provide a nice entry way to incorporate nature into your art making.

This is a pretty decent painting set with everything you will need to get started. This set is likely to save you trips to the store and headaches from making decisions. 

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This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand more about the psychology of the oppressed and consciously engage in social justice work. 

The pedagogy of the oppressed book.png

This Carson 136 LB Canva Paper is a high performance paper that can take a varieties of paint and drawing materials and hold them well. It does not curl when working wet on wet. It dries pretty stiff and flat, requires little so no after care once the work is done. This is useful for allowing positive experiences for the most skittish art therapy beginners. 

Canva Paper.jpg
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These Eden's Garden Oils and Aromatherapy diffuser

We are all going through a lot with the pandemic. It is a no brainer that pleasant smell can brighten our mood and relieve tension. I have personally diffused this oil to reduce stress and help manage mood. This oil brand has been verified as safe and unadulterated by independent scientists. I also love this nature themed diffuser for the added peaceful style. 

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This tablet

I can't say enough good things about this Remarkable 2 paper tablet. This tablet allows you to read, write, draw, and convert your writing to PDF or text.

I have used it as a "blackboard"; shared my tablet writing surface on screen while teaching online. I have also used this to take Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement class notes when I had to draw graphics. I could easily copy and past a graph I just drew and make modifications for the next step instruction. I have used this during supervision meetings to keep track of goals and progress. Contents you created on the tablet or from your computer are easily imported and exported via cloud and local wifi. If there is a MVP worth writing home about, it will be this indispensable technology.  I highly recommend this to other scholar, researcher, artists and therapists who are looking to streamline their paperwork, cut down on printing, and simplfy your life. 

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