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Mental Health Research and Administration Internship (remote)


Term: June 10-August 16, 2024

Location: remote/work-from-home

Position Available: 1. 

Report to: Founder of Spring Advisory, PLLC

About Spring Advisory, PLLC

Spring Advisory, PLLC is an internet-based mental health consultancy focused on providing clinical service to the general public and professional development services in the mental health field. As a mental health continuing education provider, Spring Advisory, PLLC is approved by the American Psychological Association, National Board for Certified Counselors, Art Therapy Credentials Board, and Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to provide post-master’s and post-doctoral level mental health professional training to psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional clinical counselors, and art therapists. Furthermore, Spring Advisory provides clinical supervision and education to post-master-level clinicians for their licenses and credentials. Finally, Spring Advisory, PLLC provides mental health services for clients in the state of Illinois.  


Spring Advisory’s Mission on Diversity and Inclusion

The Founder of Spring Advisory, PLLC is keenly aware and possesses an intimate knowledge of the history, development, and resulting outcomes of diversity issues in the mental health field. For this reason, this paid internship is intentionally designed to create an opportunity for a traditionally marginalized individual to gain entry and pre-career exposure to the mental health field. In their letter of interest, candidates may share background information on how the current higher education system creates a barrier to entry and why serving in this field is important to them. 


Internship Format, Requirements, and Responsibilities

This remote internship supports the policy and service strategy development of Spring Advisory. The intern will be mentored and gain an advanced understanding of the mental health field’s landscape. This position helps cultivate a scientific attitude necessary to advance in the mental health field. This unmatched opportunity will expose the candidate to a bird’s eye view of the industry. This internship will benefit those seriously interested in a career in the mental health field to gain an advanced understanding of various career trajectories, paths, and career outcomes in mental health. 


Main responsibilities include completing research assignments, information gathering, processing or editing digital files as directed, fact-checking, compiling accurate data, and other computer-based administrative tasks as requested. Projects are deadline-driven and paid upon satisfactory completion. 


Successful candidates are self-motivated and seriously interested in a career in the mental health field; are communicative and can manage time well. Successful candidates meet all deadlines and possess the quality of being discreet, detail-oriented, organized, responsive, professional, and well-versed in using the internet and computer technology. 


This administrative internship does not include client contact. The intern must be available for scheduled administrative meetings. The office is in the Central Standard Time zone. Time commitment is approximately 10 to 15 hours a week depending on individual efficiency. 

Learning Outcomes:

The skills and experiences the intern can gain from this internship will prepare the candidate for the following areas of work in the mental health field:

  • Master and Doctoral level academic research

  • Education Leadership

  • Department Chair

  • Higher Education Administration

  • Career management in the mental health field

  • Continuing Education Management

  • Professional Conference Management

  • Research and Strategy Development

  • Rules and Regulations, Policy, and Compliance


Education Requirements:

2-year or more college-level study or currently in associate or bachelor degree programs in Humanities, Social Work, Psychology, Mental Health or Creative Arts in Therapy, or related fields. 


Skill Requirements:

Proficient in reading and writing in English. Detail and fact-obsessed. Proficient in Google business suite, Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat, Canva or Adobe design software, Internet research, Internet browser add-ons, Document organization skills, Cross-reference Fact checks.


Hardware Requirements:

Access to the internet, phone, and a computer with updated software. Able to participate in private Zoom meetings. 



This internship is paid $125 for the satisfactory completion of each weekly assignment. 


Application process:

  1. Online application

  2. Letter of interest (submitting a resume without a letter, or sending a letter showing not having read the job post above automatically eliminates you from consideration; ChatGPT has proven to be an unimpressive intern candidate, also eliminated).

  3. Interview

  4. Technical interview 

Internship Application
Make one PDF file and upload here

Thank you! Your Application has been received.

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