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PDF-Working with Women in Homelessness in Community Settings, self-paced course

PDF-Working with Women in Homelessness in Community Settings, self-paced course

Homelessness is a complex problem with many layers and historic background. Working with women in homelessness requires an expansion upon traditional counseling concepts and techniques. The environmental factor that impacts homelessness are important knowledge and considerations that impact best practices for serving homeless women. Trauma-informed practice, gender appropriate approaches specifically focused on helping women and women of color is reviewed in this self-paced, 1.75 credit course.


Course Description:

  1. Overview of poverty and homelessness in the United States and its impact on the People of Color, and Black community
  2. Overview of background that Led to Women’s Homelessness
  3. Overview of Trauma Informed approach for women experiencing homelessness
  4. Overview of gender appropriate and gender specific counseling approaches and considerations
  5. Other therapeutic approaches pertinent to women in homelessness


Learning Objective:

  1. You will learn at least five (5) environmental factors that impact people of color, the black community, and the cause of homelessness.

  2. You will learn at least ten (10) reasons that led to women’s homelessness.

  3. You will learn about the 8 core principles of trauma-informed care and their applications.

  4. You will learn at least five (5) counseling theories applicable to working with women in homelessness.

  5. You will learn at least three (3) culturally critical counseling considerations for working with women in homelessness related to class, gender, and race.


This digital product contains most updated goverment data and specific research covering this topic from the last 20 years. It has five sections including background, technique, and therapy approaches. This course is the equivilent of one point eight (1.8) continuing education credits. Upon completion of this course, you can choose to earn the 1.75 CE credits by purchasing the exam. By passing 80% or above, you will be awarded the continuing education credit. 

This course is qualified for the following CEUs after you pass the exam

Illinois Social Work CEU available for 1.75 Credits. 

Illinois Social Work CE Sponsor #159.001540

This course satisfied Illinois Social worker CE Culture Competency requirement per section 1470.95 in the administrative code by the general assumbly. 

This course qualifies for 1.75 CE for counselors. 

NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider #7169

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